Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Tangles

Today I'm featuring a bunch of ribbon tangles.

"Back Flip" is by Cheryl Lees-Haley and her pattern is HERE at Dawn Collins has a video HERE.

"Danzer" is by Prairie Kittin and her pattern is posted HERE at

Simone Bischoff's "Girlande" pattern is posted HERE on her blog.

"HUA" is by Damy Teng CZT and her pattern is HERE on her blog.

"Ponio" is also by Damy and you'll find the pattern HERE at and also HERE on her blog. Laura Harms CZT has a video about this tangle HERE.

"Shelline" is by Debra Bryan and her pattern can be found HERE at There is a video by Dawn Collins HERE on YouTube.

This quirky tangle called "Solow" is by Erin Koetz Olson CZT. Her step-out is HERE on her blog.

I came up with my own way to draw this pattern called "StAAked" by Sandi Buchspics. I wasn't getting good results when I tried drawing the elements as directed. It's been a while since I drew this tile but I'm pretty sure that I just drew a string of triangles then added the curves on either side of them. The step-out overly complicates what is actually a very simple design to draw. You'll find the pattern HERE at

"U-Turn" is by Shazia and the pattern is HERE at Dawn Collins has a video HERE. I left off the final embellishment on my example.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Tangles

This is a slightly different colorway of an unnamed design that I've blogged about a couple of times before HERE and HERE. I found the step-out on Pinterest. There was no link to the source so I don't know where this pattern came from.

UPDATE: I did some more searching and I still can't find the source for this pattern so HERE is a link to it on Pinterest. If you go to the website listed on the step-out, it doesn't take you to that pattern and I don't see the pattern anywhere on that site.

"Laced" is by Mary Elizabeth Martin CZT and her pattern is posted HERE on her blog. Tiffany Lovering has a YouTube tutorial HERE.

This pretty little pattern is called "Mookaflower" and it's by Janet Day. You'll find the pattern HERE at Melinda Barlow CZT has a video HERE. I'm a huge fan of the tangle pattern called "Mooka" so I on this tile I drew examples in the three popular Mooka styles. They all work quite well with this pattern. The flower in the center of my tile was drawn as the step-out suggests.

"Svecha" is by Elana Lebedeva and her pattern is HERE at

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday Tangles

"FlutterTile" is by Sandy Steen Bartholomew and the step-out is HERE on her blog.

Cathleen Caza's "Heart Path" pattern can be found HERE at and also HERE on Instagram.

"Pach" is HERE at It's by Judy Okawa. Her inspiration for this design was a paper chain and it really does resemble one.

"Pax", by Christine Reyes is found HERE at, HERE at and also on her blog HERE.
I drew mine thin and wispy as in the example at the bottom of her step-out. MimiXY has done a video HERE.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday Tangles

"Grid Pattern #0312" is part of a series of grid patterns that I found on Julianna Kunstler's website. You'll find this pattern HERE. I've seen similar patterns before but there is something slightly different about this one that appealed to me.

UPDATE: This pattern is also pretty much identical to Ina Sonnenmoser's "Baewrap" pattern which you'll find HERE at

I wasn't overly excited about this pattern called "Midnight" until I added some touches of color. Now it's kind of growing on me. My example shows two of the variations that are shown on the step-out. The pattern is by Chrissie Frampton CZT and her step-out is HERE at

"Mooka-grid Pinwheel" is one of a series of patterns by Millie Galliher who was known as the Mooka Maven. You'll find this pattern HERE at I had intended to draw this one as shown on the step-out but ended up erasing my grid lines and leaving off the other embellishments.

"Yum Yum" is by Tomás Padrós and his pattern is posted HERE on Instagram. I used to have trouble drawing patterns such as this one that start with freehand wavy lines drawn between vertical guide lines (called an ogee grid) so I have avoided them. That is until I came across a pattern recently called "Shockle" by Cindy Angiel and watched a video by Melinda Barlow CZT about it. Cindy's pattern is HERE at and Melinda's video is HERE. The light bulb came on in my head when I watched the video because I could see a similarity in her examples to patterns like "Yum Yum" but Cindy's pattern is drawn on a box grid. I knew at once that a box grid would work for "Yum Yum". Now I always use a box grid to draw patterns like this and they don't come out all wonky for me anymore.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday Tangles

In case you don't already know this, I have two Pinterest boards devoted to my tangle drawings. THIS one is where I post scans from my 2018 tangle*a*day calendar. And, every tangle pattern that I have blogged about is pinned on THIS board. Under each picture, you'll find the name of the tangle. The pins also link back to my blog posts where you can get links to the step-outs and any videos that are available. This can be a handy reference when you're trying to find a pattern to try or if you see one that you like but don't know the name of it or where to find the step-out. Clicking the link takes you back to my blog where you'll find all the pattern info.

There is no published step-out for "Articulated Molygon", Melinda Barlow CZT has a YouTube video HERE. I've actually blogged about this pattern before HERE but it's always fun to try different things with patterns.

"Muscari" is by Elaine Benfatto and her pattern is HERE at I didn't draw mine exactly like the step-out. I enjoy drawing spirals so I went a little nuts trying different variations. I even drew some with spirals only on one side of the stem. I really wanted to add some color but wasn't sure how to go about it. I decided that just a hint of spring green and pale blue was the way to go.

This is Tomás Padrós' variation of Bunny Wright CZT's pattern called "Nik". He has a nice example posted HERE on his Instagram site along with a step-out. Mine didn't come out too badly for my first try but there are some things that I might do differently next time. One thing that I shouldn't have done was to draw an ink border. If you take a look at Tomás' tile, you'll see why I say that.

Debra Bryan's "Shimmy Shake" can be found HERE at Dawn Collins has a video HERE.