Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Today's Tangle - Well Freehand

"Well Freehand" is by Helen Williams and the pattern is found HERE on her blog. You can watch her video tutorial HERE. I embellished mine with some delicate graphite auras.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday I will be taking a little break from blogging. Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Monday, November 19, 2018

A Springkle Birthday Card

I showed you the tile below HERE when I blogged about the official Zentangle pattern called "Springkle". You'll find information about that tangle in that post. I thought it would make a fun picture for the front of a birthday card so I drew it again on the tile above. It's odd trying to recreate a tile. The spontaneity is missing, especially when trying to copy the same elements and make them look the same on the second tile. My husband told me that the second tile looks like I copied it from the first one, which of course is what I did. That's OK though. I'm happy with the way it turned out and it's not exactly the same as the first tile either.

Here is the original tile for comparison:

I glued the tile onto a sheet of dark charcoal gray card stock. Because the paper was so dark, I couldn't print the text with my printer. So, I added a handwritten greeting on the inside with a white Gelly Roll pen.

Since my previous post about this tangle I came across the official step-out for "Springkle. Below you can see the official version which is just a little different than what I showed in my other post. The main difference is the little spike coming out of the cap. The unofficial step-out posted HERE is pretty close to how it looks on the official step-out. I left off the spike on a few of mine because Maria didn't draw them on hers in the "Zentangle® Project Pack #02 -- Day One" video. I also added a little weight in the corners on some of them as shown in one of the variations on the step-out.

I have to say that "Springkle" was very roughly drawn on the official step-out and it seems to have evolved over time just like some of the other Zentangle patterns such as "Mooka".

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Official Zentangle® Patterns - Chillon, Emingle, Flux, Keeko, Msst, Printemps, Tortuca & Warble

Above is a sampler of eight more official Zentangle patterns. The tile at the bottom of this post has all of these tangles labeled.


I found a step-out for "Chillon" HERE at TanglePatterns.com. I found four videos featuring this tangle HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


While there doesn't seem to be an official step-out for "Emingle", it is simply a grid filled with square spirals. It is similar to another official tangle called "Ambler". The difference between the two is that "Ambler" is drawn as a ribbon of square spirals that "amble" across the tile and "Emingle" is drawn on a grid. You can read about this tangle HERE at TanglePattern.com. There are videos HERE, HERE and HERE. The second video shows "Ambler" and the last one is labeled as "Ambler" but she actually draws "Emingle".


There are two versions of "Flux" depending on who is drawing it. Rick draws his like the example in the top right corner of my tile. Maria draws hers more like the example in the bottom left corner. You'll find the official step-outs for both versions HERE in the Zentangle newsletter. While researching and looking for information about all of the official tangles, I came across a hint that Rick's version of "Flux" was formerly called "Purslane". Whatever the case may be, it is now commonly known as "Flux" and seems to be the most popular of the two versions. It's not there now but Linda Farmer's list of official Zentangle patterns used to have "Purslane" on it. I suspected from another clue that I saw online that it was the same as "Flux" and THIS blog post by Margaret Bremner confirms that. Read the caption below her drawing.

There are videos about this "Flux" HERE, HERE (Melinda Barlow CZT), HERE (Maria's version), HERE and HERE (also Maria's version).


Sandy Steen Bartholomew has a step-out for "Keeko" HERE on her blog. I found videos HERE and HERE.


Sandy Bartholomew also has a step-out HERE for "Msst". There are videos HERE, HERE and HERE.


Sandy has a step-out for "Printemps" as well, HERE. Margaret Bremner has a blog post full of ideas for this tangle HERE and check out Adele Bruno's "Tips for Tangling Printemps" HERE. I found videos HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


I wasn't able to find a step-out for "Tortuca" but Adele Bruno has "Tips for Tangling Tortuca" HERE on her blog. It is one of the tangles featured in THIS video.


I wasn't able to find much online about "Warble" but Ginny Stiles CZT has a step-out HERE on her blog. I also found several examples of tiles with this tangle so I'm confident that this is how it looks. I couldn't find any YouTube videos about this pattern.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Today's Tangle - CaligraV

Mary D’Angelo's "CaligraV" pattern is posted HERE at TanglePatterns.com. Melinda Barlow CZT has a video about this tangle HERE.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Today's Tangles - 3pli & Delice

Lindy Clarkson's "Delice" pattern is found HERE at Pattern-Collections.com. Dawn Collins has a video HERE and Melinda Barlow CZT has one HERE.

"3pli" is by Alena Light and her step-out is also found at Pattern-Collections.com HERE. Watch MimiXy's video HERE, Melinda Barlow's video HERE and one by Dawn Collins HERE.