Monday, October 22, 2018

Official Zentangle® Pattern - Springkle

"Springkle" is not a published tangle so there is no official step-out available. However, you can see how Maria Thomas draws it in the "Zentangle® Project Pack #02 -- Day One" video HERE on the Zentangle YouTube channel. Watch for it near the end of the video. I drew "Springkle" on my tile above based on the way Maria drew hers.

I did find a step-out HERE on CZT Diane D. Lachance's blog. Her "Springkle" doesn't look quite the same as Maria's but I've seen quite a few variations on Pinterest and in videos. You'll see some of them in videos HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Melinda Barlow CZT has come up with her own adaptation of "Springkle" that has a cute whimsical look. On the tile above, I drew her version as well as one that one of her students came up with. I embellished my tile with some "Fescu", "Tipple" and "Zinger".

Melinda has two videos featuring this tangle HERE and HERE. Her student's version is featured in the second video.

Below is a tile that I drew back when I first started tangling last summer. This is also Melinda's version.

Yesterday I came across a wonderful new YouTube channel called Tangle Dream. The artist is a Korean CZT and I think she goes by Bibby or BB. Her videos are enjoyable to watch and she draws popular tangle patterns. You'll find her videos HERE. She draws "Springkle" in THIS video.


  1. I really like your Springkle tiles. The way they hide within your auras makes for a really interesting look. I also really like the minimal look of the 4 of them on their own in your last tile.

    1. Thanks. For some reason my scanner emphasized the background auras too much. The backgrounds look much more subtle on the real tiles, especially on the blue one. I have that one sitting on my mini easel here at my desk and the background just looks like it's pale blue with a slight texture.