Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Tangles

This is Sandra Hoffner's pattern called "Tessa". You'll find the pattern HERE at Dawn Collins has a video about it HERE. I tried something a little different on my tile. Instead of shading the individual "tiles" with graphite in the usual way, I erased most of the shading just leaving a hint of it. I then went over the edges of each square with an ivory colored pencil to give them a yellowed aged look. I also added some extra embellishments as well as metallic gold accents and some clear glitter.

"Starawn" is by Judy Murphy and her step-out is found HERE on Flickr. I found a video tutorial HERE. As you can see, it looks very dramatic when drawn with a gold metallic gel pen on a black tile.

Jennifer Hohensteiner's "Swells" pattern is found HERE at I used colored pencils and blended the pigment with odorless mineral spirits to simulate watercolors.

"Verve" is by JJ LaBarbera and her step-out is HERE on her Tinker Tangles blog. I also found a video HERE.

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