Saturday, September 29, 2018

Official Zentangle® Patterns - Fengle, Rain, Static & Twing

You can find a step-out for "Rain" HERE on Linda Farmer's website Adele Bruno has some tips for tangling "Rain" HERE on her blog. I found videos HERE, HERE and Melinda Barlow CZT has one HERE.

There is no published step-out for this tangle called "Static". The crafthatchery blog features tiles with this tangle HERE, HERE and HERE. The author of the blog is a CZT which gives validity to the way that I think this pattern should look. I found a video tutorial HERE that shows how to shade this tangle.

There is no published step-out for "Twing" so I had to rely on some unofficial examples that I found on Pinterest HERE and HERE. Melinda Barlow CZT has a video about this tangle HERE. I goofed up when I drew mine. I forgot that the areas with lines and dots should be reversed on every other triangle.

You'll find the step-out for "Fengle" HERE in a Zentangle newsletter. I found two videos about this tangle. There is one HERE at Bunte Galerie, Melinda Barlow CZT has one HERE and Ellen Wolters has a video HERE.

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