Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wednesday's Tangle - Tracery

"Tracery" is by Dianne Krumnow CZT and you'll find her step-out HERE on her blog.

I came up with an easier way to draw this pattern. I drew a pencil line for the path that I wanted my design to go and marked it off in even segments. I alternated drawing the shield shapes and rice shapes between the marks along the line. Once I had drawn all of them, I added the little curls. As you can see, there are many ways to embellish this design.


Yesterday I blogged about an unnamed pattern by Tomàs Padrós. I drew two more tiles last night and had a bit more success. For reference, here is the wonky-looking tile that I showed you yesterday:

For my second attempt, I moved the squares on the outer perimeter closer to the edge of the tile. As you can see below, they ended up going too close to the edge of the border. I also drew the lines and boxes with sharp corners and I don't think that's the right look. At least I did a neater job this time. There is one other issue with this second tile. My Micron
01 pen was nearly out of ink and was drawing very scratchy and thin.

On my final tile, I moved the black squares back to the original positions and drew with a fresh Micron 01 pen. The other differences this time are that I drew my aura lines as close as I possibly could to each other and I softly rounded all of the corners. Now my black background spaces look almost the same as on Tomàs' example with only a few of them ending up almost touching each other. Bear in mind though that I added an extra row of auras around mine because of the lines being so close together. Everything looked too skinny before I added the extra rows.

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