Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday's Tangle - Another Quli

Yesterday I showed you "Quli" as a single string of them across my tile. I had a lot of fun drawing it so I drew another tile and filled it with this pattern. It took some time to set up the grid but I think it was worth the effort. I filled the entire tile with a diagonal grid of tiny squares. I started by drawing a pencil grid with 5/16" squares then I divided them all in half because I wanted the grid to be small enough to get several elements across the tile. I used metallic colored pencils again but this time in silver, gold and copper.

"Quli" is by OlgaArtCat86 and her pattern is posted HERE on Flickr.

I liked this tile so well that I've turned it into a jigsaw puzzle for you to play with. I created it with BrainsBreaker which you can buy HERE. You don't need to buy the program to play the puzzle.

Click HERE to download this puzzle.


  1. Hi, Linda! Love this one -- seems quite different from most tangles somehow. Wanted to ask if you have a preference of metallic pencil brands as I need to get around to buying some. These Quli tiles remind me how some tangles just seem to cry out for a metallic color.

    Barbara H.

    1. Hi Barbara. I'm pretty sure that I used my Faber-Castell metallic colored pencils on this tile. There is an Amazon link to them over on the right side of the page. I've also seen them at Michael's near the kids colored pencils and markers. I have two other sets of metallics. One is from Hobby Lobby and is Fine Touch brand. That set has some nice colors but the quality isn't as good as my other two sets. Some of the colors tend to crumble a bit. The third set is a brand called Royal & Langnickel. I found them at Five Below for about $2.00. They are great and pretty close to the same quality as the Faber-Castells. All three sets come with twelve colors.