Monday, January 7, 2019

Classic Zentangle® - Bucky, Cyme, Fife, Keeko & OOF

This was drawn with the same five section string that I blogged about the other day but in a different configuration. It looks like there are only four sections but there is a loop in the string under the "Cyme". I used some of the same official tangles on this tile but tried different things with them. Below is a list of the tangles that I used.

Cyme - I blogged about "Cyme" HERE.

Bucky - You will find the official step-out for Molly Hollibaugh's "Bucky" HERE in the Zentangle newsletter. I found four videos featuring this tangle HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Fife - I blogged about "Fife" HERE.

Keeko - I have blogged about "Keeko" a couple of times, HERE and HERE.

OOF - I blogged about "OOF" HERE.

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