Sunday, June 3, 2018

Today's Tangles - Some Official Tangles

All of today's tangle patterns are from the creators of Zentangle. I found step-outs or video tutorials for some of them but I had to guess how to draw some of the others by looking at examples online.

"Ambler" is a variation of another official tangle called "Emingle". The difference is that "Emingle" is drawn on a grid. Ambler is drawn as a wandering (ambling) ribbon. There is some info about this pattern HERE at, but no step-out is available. I managed to find one somewhere on Pinterest but there was no link to the source. It should be easy enough to figure out without a pattern though.

"Crazy Huggins" is a free form version of the grid tangle called Huggins. Molly shows how to draw this tangle in THIS video.

The step-out for "Hibred" came from THIS Zentangle newsletter. There are videos HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

"OOF" (Out of Focus) is also from a Zentangle newsletter. Click HERE to get the step-out. Melinda Barlow CZT has a video tutorial HERE.

I wasn't able to find an official step-out for "Pinch" but I figured out how its drawn by searching for examples on Pinterest. There is a video tutorial HERE by Ellen Wolters.

There is no published step-out for "Purk" either but I was able to learn how to draw it by watching videos and looking at examples on Pinterest. There videos HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. There is also a brief video of Maria Thomas drawing Purk HERE.

"Zenith" does have a published step-out HERE in one of the Zentangle newsletters. You'll also find some video tutorials HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

There is no published pattern or any videos that I'm aware of for "Y-Not". All I could find online were some very sketchy diagrams and a few examples where people had used this tangle in their Zentangles. After drawing my example, I decided that I probably won't ever draw it again. I only tried it to see if I could figure out how to draw it. Obviously I was successful but only by drawing it on a rather elaborate pencil grid.

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