Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Funky Tangles

Today's assortment of tangles are quirky and fun.

I found "8 'n wings" at HERE. I have no idea what I would use this one for but it was fun to draw. They look like alien eyes, don't they?

"Beadle Joos" is by Anya Lothrop CZT. The pattern is on her blog HERE.

This tangle has almost the same name as the last one. It's called "BTL Joos" and you'll find the pattern on Sandy Steen Bartholomew's blog HERE. I know of two YouTube videos for this one, HERE and HERE.

"Dragonair" is from the Fairy Tangles blog HERE. It's one of the tangles that is featured in THIS YouTube video and there's also a tutorial video HERE.

I found the step-out for this one called "Pepper Tanglation" on Pinterest but I don't know who the designer is.

"Tata Ully" is by Marisa Dimidiuk and is on HERE. There are also a couple of video links there.

I found a cute miniature easel at Hobby Lobby the other day. It's the perfect size for displaying a Zentangle tile on my computer desk.


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