Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Today's Tangles

Although I do have a small stash of official Zentangle tiles, I've never used them and I would never buy them because they're so expensive. The few that I have were a gift and I'm hoarding them for something special. What I use is card stock that I cut into 3.5x3.5" squares. Although I could use a corner rounder on them to make them more like the official tiles, I don't bother. Since I make my own greeting cards, I have a variety of card stock colors on hand. I also found a really THIS nice assortment pack of card stock at Walmart for $3.97. You get 50 sheets in five earth tone colors. You'll get six "tiles" from each 8.5x11" sheet. Two of the colors that come in the pack are very smooth paper, two colors have a somewhat rough texture and the fifth color has a very coarse texture. I like drawing on all of them but I do find that it's easier to draw on the coarser card stock with a larger nib Micron pen such as an 02 or 03.

Each of today's tangles was drawn on one of the five colors in the "Neenah Naturals" assortment pack.

This card stock color is called "Honeycomb" and it's the coarsest of the bunch. I use a Micron 03 pen on this paper. The "Neuron" pattern can be found at HERE.

I used the color called "Concrete" with this tangle. It has a slightly rough texture. I used a Micron 02 on this paper. "Gotcha" is by
Karin Godyns and you can get the step-out HERE. There is a video HERE.

This paper color is "Husk" and it has a very smooth finish. I use a Micron 01 to draw on this color. This tangle pattern is called "Flossie" and you can download the step-out at HERE. There is also a video link there and Dawn also has a video for this pattern HERE. I embellished mine a little differently than shown on the pattern.

This card stock color is called "Grocer Kraft". It's slightly rough like the "Concrete". I love how colored pencils look on this paper. It makes the colors look very bright. "Loop" is from and you can download the pattern HERE. HERE is a link to a YouTube tutorial for drawing "Loop".

This pale gray card stock is called "Stone" and it has a super smooth finish. I found the "Snowcone" tangle pattern at HERE. This is such a crazy design but I love it and it's really fun to draw. I think it's the addition of color that makes it so fun.

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