Thursday, May 31, 2018

Twelve Days of Zentangle - Day 5

Day 5's project is done with round Zendala tiles so I used my homemade ones again. There are two videos with the first one showing how to get the tiles prepared for the drawing in the second video. 

I was skeptical at first when I watched Molly cutting holes in her white tile but, by the time I was finished with mine, I was amazed at the stunning result. I don't think it would be possible to achieve the appearance of depth in the recessed black areas by simply drawing and coloring them in with black ink directly on the white tile. The added shading gives the cutout insets the illusion of being even deeper than just the thickness of the tile.

Maria accented her tile with a brown Micron pen which has a reddish tint. To compensate for not having a pen that color, I used my sepia Micron pen then filled in those spaces with a colored pencil in a rusty color. I love how it turned out.

Visit the Zentangle blog HERE to read about and watch each day's video.

· "Kissing" Mooka
· Knightsbridge
· Pepper (sort of)
· Tipple (orbs)

· White Zendala tile
· Black Zendala tile
· Micron PN pen (or a regular black Micron pen)
· Micron 01 pen (brown ink)
· White Gelly Roll pen
· White charcoal pencil (optional)
· Pencil
· Tortillon
· Scissors
· Glue stick  

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