Thursday, May 31, 2018

Twelve Days of Zentangle - Day 11

I had a lot of fun with Day 11's projects. They both are made with Zentangle 3Z tiles which are triangles. Rick and Maria glued two or three of them together to make stars. I had to make my own triangle tiles so mine don't have rounded corners like the original tiles. The example in the photo above was drawn as Maria drew hers in the video. The one below was drawn the same as the one Rick drew in his portion of the video.

· Scena
· Auraknot
· Poke Leaf
· Shattuck

· White 3Z tiles (triangles)
· Black 3Z tiles (triangles)
· Micron PN pen (black ink)
· White Gelly Roll pen
· Gold Gelly Roll pen
· White charcoal pencil (optional)
· Pencil
· Tortillon
· Glue stick 

Visit the Zentangle blog HERE to read about and watch each day's video.

Because these were so fun to make, I went ahead and made the stars below with my own choice of filler tangles.

The star above has a combination of Auraknot and my variation of a tangle called "Gotcha".

The tangles in the star above are "HUA", "Flux" and "Flair".

I also used the tangle "Flair" on the above star.  

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