Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Today's Tangles

I'm still working on copying these old posts over here from my other blog. There are a lot of them so it might take a while.
I've been sharing some of my drawings and hopefully they will inspire you to give Zentangle a try. If you want to see all of the tangles that I've blogged about in one place, I have them all on Pinterest HERE.

"Cathedral" is by Kathy Barringer CZT and you'll find her step-out HERE at

Mariët Lustenhouwer designed this pattern called "Gothic". You'll find it HERE on her blog.

You can find Judy Murphy's "Sarphy" pattern HERE on Flickr.

"Warped Eggs" by skinnystraycat is the same design as the one called "Lichen" that I blogged about HERE. You can find her step-out HERE on Flickr.

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