Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Today's Tangles

I don't recall where I found Anya Lothrop's step-out for this variation of the "8's" pattern by Jane Eileen Malone, CZT. Jane's blog is HERE and HERE is a link to her original "8's" pattern. She also has two variations, HERE and HERE. Anya's blog is HERE, if you want to take a look at her work. I've searched her pattern links and can't find this one anywhere even though she mentions Jane's pattern in THIS post. I have a copy of her actual step-out but she apparently took it down since I found it online.

"Q-Belle" is by YuRu Chen and her step-out can be found at HERE. The pattern is featured in THIS YouTube video and Melinda Barlow also has a video about it HERE.

You'll find the "Jesterz" pattern at HERE. I think you can see how this tangle got its name. They look like pointy jester hats with bells on the ends. I had fun embellishing each one a different way.

"Echoism" is an official Zentangle pattern and I found some videos HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Several tangles are featured in THIS video, including "Echoism". I also found a step-out on Flickr HERE.

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