Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tangles for Monday

All but the last tangle for today are from "Aline Leaf" is by YuRu-Chen and the pattern can be found HERE. This one is very simple to draw but it is a little plain without the addition of color.

Dörte Seupel-Kör's "Auwacka Too" is also found on Besides the step-out, there is a video link and quite a few example images HERE.

You'll find the "Elfhat" step-out HERE as well as a couple of YouTube videos. This tangle is also by YuRu-Chen. I love how the colors pop on the dark paper that I used. They look fluorescent but they're not even super bright colors.

"Frunky" is by Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb. You can find the step-out HERE at and also at Katharina's blog HERE. I'm not sure why my scanner made the aqua on the "frunkies" look so spotty.

"NUXY" is by Veena Arun and you can find the step-out on her KNOT Brat blog HERE. NUXY is similar to the "Jash" tangle pattern that I blogged about HERE.

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