Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Today's Tangles

"Bloomin’ Vace" looked a little too complicated and challenging to me when I first saw the pattern. I sometimes have trouble drawing the components of a tangle so that they're all the same size and shape. I think it's very pretty though so I made myself give it a go. I'm glad that I did because it's actually fun to draw and a good way to practice drawing curvy designs thanks to the pencil grid. The pattern is by Cindy Aldridge and is found HERE at

I have no idea where this design came from. I saw it on Pinterest. The only information in the description was the name "Fremouse". So, I'm calling it "Fremouse Fronds" until I can get more information. What attracted me were the whimsical Fescu-like fronds around the flowers.

"Lacy" is a lot of fun to draw. It's drawn on a grid but there are no rigid rules as to how neatly each element has to be drawn within each cell of the grid. That makes it a relaxing tangle to draw. You'll find Sandra Strait's step-out on Flickr HERE.

Although I've browsed through all of the patterns at several times, every time I go there I find something that I hadn't noticed before. Often seeing someone else's interpretation of a tangle makes me see a pattern that didn't interest me in a new light. That's what happened while browsing THIS Instagram page of Emiko Kaneko CZT last week. I saw that she used this design more than once (HERE and HERE) and I love how it looks on her Zentangles. The thing is that she doesn't mention what the name of that particular tangle is or where it can be found. I wouldn't rest until I tracked it down so I looked through all of the patterns at and I was very happy to find Erika Kehlet's "Lily Bridge" step-out HERE at It's now one of my favorite tangles. Dawn Collins has a video HERE.

Be sure to take a look through Emiko's Instagram for lots of inspiration. There is another tangle in one of her photos that I'm not familiar with. You can see it HERE and it's the flower-shaped pattern. Please let me know if you know the name of the tangle and where it can be found. She also used the same design on THIS Zentangle. Another one that I haven't seen before anywhere and would like to learn to draw is in THIS photo.

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