Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Quirky Tangles

"Huabao" is by YuRu Chen and you'll find the step-out HERE at

"Puchong" is by Michelle Lim CZT. The pattern is HERE at There is a video tutorial for this pattern HERE.

This pattern called "Ropuz" is a little strange but it is kind of fun to draw. It's by Natalie Plechkova and the pattern can be found HERE at There are several video links there too.

"Funlz Reborn" was adapted by Ina Sonnenmoser from the "Funlz" pattern. Click HERE for Ina's step-out and HERE for the original "Funlz" pattern by Margaret Bremner. Margaret's version is drawn on a grid and Ina's is drawn free-form.

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