Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Today's Tangles

I thought I do a leafy/floral theme for today's tangle designs. "Euca" is by Anne Marks and you'll find her step-out HERE on her blog.

"Podz" is by Nancy Newlin and you can get the pattern at Tangle Patterns HERE. Just for fun, I drew mine without the borders around the flowers.

You'll find Melinda Barlow's "Nymph" pattern at HERE. You'll also find videos HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Although I used a grid to draw mine, I erased the pencil lines when I was done.

Nicole Dreyer likes to design quirky tangles. I probably wouldn't have noticed "Splashies" if I hadn't watched Melinda Barlow's video about it. You see, it wasn't meant to be a floral tangle. I think they are splashing droplets of water. I like Melinda's idea of turning them into flowers and that's the way I drew mine too. The step-out is HERE at Watch Melinda's video HERE.

I found the "Undergrowth" pattern HERE on Judy West's Creative Doodling blog. It would make a wonderful filler or embellishment. I love it, especially with a hint of color added.

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