Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Today's Tangles

"Knyt" is by Lyndel Churchill and the pattern is posted at HERE. I was just getting into drawing Zentangles when I first saw this pattern. I thought it was really cute and clever but I had no luck at all drawing it so I set the pattern aside. My drawing skills have improved over the past couple of months so the other day I gave it another go. As with a lot of tangle patterns, I get better results when I draw them on a pencil grid and it really helped me with this pattern.

Helen Williams blogged about this pattern and you can read her article HERE. She does some interesting things with it and she also came up with a alternate method for drawing it. There is a video HERE.

"Betweed Flower" is by Annette of the Tarkheena Crafts blog. You'll find her pattern HERE. It's a very pretty organic tangle that would be nice for filling a corner of a tile or in any number of other ways. I kind of like it with stripes like my example in the top left corner too.

"Huggins" is one of the official Zentangle patterns and there are lots of step-outs and video tutorials online for it because it's so popular. That's probably because it's fun to draw. The official step-out is posted HERE at There is also a step-out posted HERE at that combines "Huggins" with another official tangle called "W2". You'll also find videos HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

I wanted to color my example but I decided not to go with solid colors. I think the striped effect is a little more interesting.

You really need to look at "Eye Test" from a distance to appreciate the optical effects. It was fun to draw but I doubt if I'll use this design again for anything and it's a bit of an ink hog. The pattern is by Lizzie Mayne and you'll find her step-out HERE on Flickr. She shows an example of how to use this design along with other tangles on a Zentangle tile and it doesn't look quite as zany done as a small pattern like that.

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