Sunday, December 9, 2018

Twelve Days of Zentangle - Day 7

It's Day 7 and today Rick drew "Printemps", "Rain", "Fracas" and "Avreal". There aren't officially published step-outs for any of today's tangles but I have found some unofficial ones for three of them as well as a video for the fourth one.

Below are links to the step-outs for the tangles used on Day 7:

Avreal - There is no published step-out that I can find but I found a nice one HERE on Pinterest.

Fracas - There is also no published step-out for this tangle but there is a video HERE where Bijou shows how to draw it. Look for it near the end of the video.

Printemps - Sandy Steen Bartholomew has a step-out HERE.

Rain - There is a step-out HERE at

Click HERE to watch the Day 7 video.

Since I added some white charcoal pencil to my "Fracas" today, like Rick did on his, I decided to add some white accents to each of the other wedges on my fancy spinner below as well.

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