Friday, June 8, 2018

A few tangles for Tuesday

YuRu Chen's "Beikesi" pattern is posted HERE on her blog. She has two versions of this pattern and my example was drawn following version #1.

There is no step-out for this pretty tangle called "Ferngally". Alena Light shows how to draw her tangle HERE in her YouTube video. You'll be mesmerized watching her draw because she makes it look so effortless. I drew this tile that I'm posting today to practice drawing "Ferngally".

"Festune" is an unpublished official Zentangle pattern. I found a step-out on Pinterest but it doesn't link back to a website. However, I have found three video tutorials for this pattern HERE, HERE and HERE.

"Knot" is also by YuRu Chen. Her step-out is HERE on her blog and also at HERE. MimiXY has a YouTube tutorial HERE. My example tile shows some variations that I tried with this pattern.

Go to The Tao of Tangling blog HERE to find the step-out for Maureen Stott's "Orb Pods" tangle.

You will find Linda Farmer's "Rosé" step-out HERE at

I'm having trouble tracking down the creator of this pattern called "Shasta". I found one step-out HERE and another one HERE on Pinterest. The second one has the name "Arsenika.Zen" on the photo but I don't see a YouTube video for it HERE on her YouTube channel. Alena Zen Art does have a YouTube video HERE but I don't know if she is the creator of the pattern. This pattern is a tangleation of the official Zentangle tangle called "Cadent" and Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s "Buttercup".

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