Sunday, June 3, 2018

Tangles on Colorful Cardstock

Last week Michaels hobby store had all of their packaged cardstock on sale for only $2.00 each (regular price is $4.99). I saw this as a great opportunity to get some new colors to make drawing tiles. You may have noticed that I tend to do most of my drawings on muted subtle colors. Although I did buy some browns and grays, I also went a little nuts and bought some brighter colors such as the ones you see here. I'm finding some of these brighter colors a little challenging to work with because the color influences the outcome of the designs. I don't really find that to be an issue with my go-to colors. For example, you can use pretty much any colored pencil color on a tan or brown tile but blue and pink are a lot trickier because the color of the paper sort of blends with whatever color you add to it. It's all fun though so I don't mind using some crazy color combos now and then. If something doesn't work, I'll just try something different.

"Cinquefoil" is by Elena Demisheva and her pattern is posted HERE at along with a couple of video links. I embellished mine with some extra lines and dots. I wasn't going to color this one but it looked too dark and bland on the blue paper without something to brighten it up.

"Funsin" is a cute little heart tangle and who doesn't love hearts? This pattern is by YuRu Chen and her step-out can be found HERE at It makes a pretty border. I filled in the hearts with a metallic copper Gelly Roll pen.

"Kyoto" is by Elaine Benfatto who is also known as Urban Spinner. Her pattern is posted HERE at There is also a video link on that page.

I love this one called "Laceflower" and is also by YuRu Chen. Her step-out is posted HERE on her blog and also at HERE. Mimi Xy has a YouTube video HERE that features this tangle along with some others.

This pattern is called "O-Cee". You'll find the step-out HERE on the blog of Chris Gerstner CZT. She also has a video HERE. I accented my tile with a metallic silver Gelly Roll and also a clear glitter Gelly Roll.

This last tangle is called "Plum-lei" and it's by Dawn Collins. Her pattern is HERE at There is a link to her own video and there are also quite a few example images there to inspire you to give this pattern a try.

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