Friday, June 8, 2018

Tangles for today

The pattern for Lindy Clarkson's "Abreve" is HERE at Dawn Collins and Melinda Barlow CZT both have videos for this pattern HERE and HERE.

I found the pattern for Debbie New's "Angeleafe" HERE on her blog.

"Beauty" is by Kasturi Das and her step-out can be found HERE at

I might not have tried Nicole Dreyer's "Evilgrom" pattern if I hadn't watched Dawn's video. The pattern is HERE at and Dawn's video is HERE.

"Lanie" is by Adele Bruno and her pattern is posted HERE at

I haven't been able to track down the creator of "Villers #2" but I found the pattern HERE on Pinterest.

Mi Ka's "Water Lily" can be found HERE at

These pretty flowers called "Ying" are from Cat Kwan CZT and her step-out is HERE at

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