Friday, June 8, 2018

Tangles - Bits & Pieces

Most of today's examples are tangles that I wanted to try out but didn't complete or I wasn't sure how I would use them on a finished tile. I drew the one called "Cruze" just to see if I could do it because it looked very complex. It turned out really cool but I know that I never could have drawn that pattern back when I first tangling last summer. If you think you can't draw Zentangles, you should give it a try anyway even if your lines come out wobbly at first. You will get better the more you practice.

I don't remember if I've posted this drawing before but it was my very first attempt at drawing a Zentangle:

I had watched one of Melinda Barlow's videos and copied what she had drawn. My lines look a little shaky but I was quite pleased with it considering that I hadn't done any drawing since I was young. If I were to re-draw the same one today, I'm sure that it would look very different.

HERE is the link to Melinda's video that I mentioned.

The step-out for Carole Ohl's "Baton" is HERE on her blog. I found two videos for this pattern, HERE and HERE.

"Cirque" is by Christianne Gerstner CZT and her step-out is HERE on her blog. On my first attempt, I only managed to get four petals to fit around the center instead of six. I had to draw the center circle a little larger to get six petals around it. Christianne also has a video HERE.

CZT Caren Mlot’s "Cruze" is HERE on her blog.

"FEDR" is by Christina Vandervlist CZT and the pattern is HERE on her blog.

"Fractal Seedling" is by Diana E. Marshall and her pattern is posted HERE at This tangle is a lot of fun to draw.

It seems like I always blog about at least one pattern by YuRu Chen whenever I post about tangles. Well, "HigherS" is from YuRu Chen and you can download the step-out HERE on her blog.

"Pomcoco" is also by YuRu Chen and this pattern can be found HERE at and also HERE on her blog. There is a video HERE.

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