Friday, June 15, 2018

Zentangle Project Pack #03 Video Series - Part Seven

Rick fills his part of the ribbon with "Paradox". I made a mess of mine. I meant to draw the version that looks like fans but I kept drawing them the wrong direction. Rick suggests turning your tile after each stroke but that is actually part of the reason why I kept losing my place. By the time I finished turning my tile (in this case the whole tile ensemble), I couldn't remember where I'd left off. At least Paradox is a busy tangle so my mistakes shouldn't be horribly obvious. I finally got the results that I wanted by keeping my tile in the same position for every stroke.

This is the last video that demonstrates drawing specific tangles on the ribbons. They leave it up to us to fill in any spaces that are left before following the last two videos which are two versions of the same thing. Watch videos 8 and 9 for some tangle ideas to complete your ensemble before moving on to adding color.

Click HERE to watch Part Seven of Project Pack #3. You'll find the step-out for "Paradox" HERE in the Zentangle newsletter.

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