Sunday, June 3, 2018

Today's Tangles

"Abundies" is by Hanny Waldburger and the step-out is posted HERE on her Zenjoy blog. There are videos HERE, HERE and HERE.

"Betwinkle" is by Alexandria Cortez Diaz and her pattern can be found HERE at There are videos HERE, HERE and HERE.

"Feathering Spiral" is by Ina Sonnenmoser who is the webmaster at Her pattern is HERE. Melinda Barlow CZT has a video for this pattern HERE.

"i-leaf" is by Kim Aarts and the pattern and videos can be found HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

"OO-Africa" (oh oh Africa) is another pattern by Ina Sonnenmoser and the pattern and a couple of video links are HERE at I remember trying this pattern back when I first started tangling and had no luck with it at all. I think that my problem was that I tried to draw the dot grid freehand and it came out too wonky. This time I used a box grid with the dots placed on and inside the grid just like Dawn demonstrates in her video. As you can see, it turned out quite well this time.

"Spiral-Wave" is by Nicole Dreyer and her pattern is HERE at My example was inspired by the video by Melinda Barlow that you can watch HERE.

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