Sunday, June 3, 2018

Today's Tangles - Mehndi Pattern Series

I was inspired by CZT Melinda Barlow's video on Tuesday to draw this series of thirteen designs based on the Mehndi-inspired patterns at The patterns in this series were created by Nicole Dreyer, Ina Sonnenmoser and Ellen Wolters. I drew one tile for each of the patterns adding a few of my own tweaks and embellishments to each one. This project was fun and challenging. My goal was to draw all thirteen of the patterns, even the ones that I wasn't all that keen on. I also wanted to do something different with each pattern as far as the composition of the tiles.

I drew "Mehndi Spike" first but I wasn't happy with it because I didn't care for the design all that much. After drawing the other twelve, I was even more disappointed with how that first one turned out so I started from scratch and came up with the tile that is posted here. What was my least favorite of the bunch is now one of my favorites.

I use the same tan colored card stock for all of these tiles. To draw the tangles, I used Micron brown pens (sizes 01 and 05), white Gelly Roll pens (sizes 05, 08 and 10), a white charcoal pencil and a Terracotta Prismacolor pencil.

Clicking on the name of each of the tangles below will take you to that pattern at

Mehndi Arch - Watch Melinda Barlow's video HERE.

Mehndi Aura Flower

Mehndi Bloom

Mehndi Blossom 1 - Ellen Wolters has a video HERE showing how to draw this pattern as well as the one below. Melinda Barlow also posted a video HERE for this one yesterday.

Mehndi Blossom 2

Mehndi Daisy

Mehndi Drop

Mehndi Love

Mehndi Scallop

Mehndi Spike

Mehndi Sunset

Mehndi Tooth


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