Friday, June 8, 2018

Saturday Tangles

After I blogged about "Curved Pickpocket" HERE on Wednesday, I decided to draw another tile in the same colorway to give to someone. I was surprised to see how different the second one came out compared to the first one. One difference was my own fault. I accidentally picked up a slightly different color piece of cream cardstock and that affected the colors that I used a little. The most obvious difference is how very neat and tidy the second one looks because I was being extra careful not to make any mistakes. Although I like it, I think it looks kind of stiff and lacks the look of spontaneity of the original. When I drew the first one, I had no idea how I was going to color or embellish it. I would give the original tile to my friend except that I scribbled on the back of it. I often try out my colored pencils on the back to see how they will look on the paper.

See Wednesday's post for info on where to get the step-out for this pattern. Below is my original drawing:

I also drew another "Pickpocket" tile last night. This time I wanted to try using dots instead of triangles like some other tanglers have been doing. I have to say that it was easier to draw this way. After I was finished coloring the design, I added a spot of metallic silver Gelly Roll pen over each of the black dots.

"Pickpocket" is by Tomás Padrós and his pattern is HERE on Instagram.

Lastly, I drew two more "Mooka" tiles using the "Window Grilles" method that I mentioned in THIS post. "Mooka" is one of my favorite Zentangle tangles but I have trouble drawing it as well as I'd like. I'm getting better at it over time but something about drawing it in this configuration helps me to draw it more neatly. Normally my lines come out too wiggly and wonky when I try to draw "Mooka" the official way.

I especially like the example below. I wanted to fill the spaces between the tendrils with something so I started filling them with "Tipple". After filling in the largest area, I grew weary of drawing little orbs so I ended up filling some areas with "Tipple" and the rest with either stripes or large orbs. I like how that worked out better than if I'd only used "Tipple". This has been good "Mooka" practice for me and I think I might be ready to try my hand again drawing it the official way. I just re-watched the video that Maria and Rick posted HERE and watching Maria draw "Mooka" has me itching to try drawing it the way that she does in the video.

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