Saturday, June 2, 2018

Today's Colorful Tangles

"Carry Flower" is by Agneta Landegren and you'll find the pattern HERE at There is a link there to a video as well as quite a few example images of this tangle.

"Curly-Q" is by Diane Lachance CZT. The super easy step-out is HERE on her blog.

I don't know the name of this one. I found it on Pinterest and it linked to a page that is no longer available.

"Hold Heart" is by Kasturi Das and the pattern is HERE at I recommend watching the video tutorial by Melinda Barlow CZT that's posted on that page. My example was inspired by Melinda's video.

"SQ FLWR" is by Linda Rea (texasdoxiemama) and you can find the step-out at HERE. There is also a video from Dawn Collins on that page which inspired my example.

"Whirl" is by Helen Williams and the pattern is HERE on her blog. She also has a video tutorial HERE.

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