Monday, June 4, 2018

Tangle Tiles from a Portuguese Tile Design

While looking for ideas for my blue and white Delft-inspired drawings a while back (see THIS post), I came upon some pictures of real ceramic tiles on Pinterest that had simple patterns on them. Apparently Portugal is famous for its blue and while tiles. One in particular caught my eye because it was pretty and also because it looked like it would be easy to draw. This pattern doesn't have a name, or at last not one that I know of, so I'm calling it "Tile Pattern #1". Below you'll find a step-out showing the way that I draw it.

Instead of using colored pencils, I drew the blue lines on the tile below with a Staedtler Fine Liner pen that I bought at Michaels. The color is called "Delft Blue". I bought these pens in several other pretty colors too.

It's hard to tell in the picture but I used a metallic gold Gelly Roll pen to draw the little circles.

Below is my step-out. Note that the grid is drawn with a pencil and it should be erased after drawing the design in ink.


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