Saturday, June 9, 2018

Zentangle Project Pack #03 Video Series - Part One

The Zentangle folks are starting a new project pack video series today. This one is Project Pack #03. I blogged about their Project Pack #01 HERE and Project Pack #02, which was "The Twelve Days of Zentangle", HERE. Part one of this new series explains how to prep some of the materials that you'll need to follow the rest of the videos in the series.

Click HERE to watch Part One of Project Pack #03.

I don't have any official Zentangle tiles so I cut nine 3.5x3.5" squares of card stock. Normally when I cut my card stock tiles for tangling, I'm not terribly precise with my paper cutter. Because I had to fit the nine tiles together, this time I carefully measured and marked them.

I'm using Neenah Classic Crest Cover card stock in a color called "Saw Grass". It looks quite a bit different than in my photos. It's a sort of tan or pale sage green color.

I also prepared my special drawing tool as directed by the video. Although I do have two Zentangle graphite pencils, they're not the same length anymore so I used some mechanical pencils instead.

In this photo I've taped the nine tiles together from the back with masking tape.

This photo shows the tiles from the front side.

Here you can see the results of drawing a ribbon using the drawing tool.

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