Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Tangles

I recently found these metallic colored pencils for only $2.00 at a discount store called Five Below. I was pleasantly surprised to see how nicely these cheap colored pencils color. I have more expensive metallic colored pencils that don't color this well and the leads on those are kind of soft and crumbly. The leads in these Royal & Langnickel pencils are somewhat hard but not so hard that they don't color smoothly and easily. They're certainly worth the $2.00 that I paid for them and I saw them at a couple  places online for around $6.00. I used the pencils to color "Sinchun", "Yurt" and "Shell-Xcape".

Sandy Bartholomew CZT has a step-out HERE for "Ennies", which is an official Zentangle pattern.

"Sinchun" is another lovely tangle by Yu.Ru Chen and her step-out is HERE at She creates some very interesting patterns that can sometimes be challenging to draw. I had fun trying out my new metallic colored pencils on this tile.

"V-Snail" is by Yvonne-Pranschke-Fleer and it seems to be a popular pattern with the Tangle It! Pattern Club Facebook group. The pattern can be found at HERE. Mimi XY has a video tutorial HERE.

There are no instructions for "W6" that I'm aware of. I'm pretty sure that it's from a Zentangle book that has a chart of fragments and this one is from column 6, row W or something like that. Yu.Ru Chen has quite a few of these fragment drawings HERE on Pinterest. HERE is a link directly to her drawing of W6. I made the step-out below which shows my method for drawing this tangle.

"Yurt" is by Nicole Dreyer and her step-out is HERE at I embellished mine a little by adding some dots with a metallic gold Gelly Roll pen.

I just watched Melinda Barlow's latest video about Jean Keslin's "Shell-Xcape" yesterday and had to give it a try last night. I love it and it has lots of potential for embellishing. I used my new metallic colored pencils on this tile too. HERE is the video link and, if you go HERE to Melinda's blog, she has the step-out.

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